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Father – Back in the “A” Freestyle

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faviconfaviconfaviconfaviconnofuego Father— Back in the “A” Freestyle [youtube]

This post started as an album review, then promptly transitioned into a track review, because:

  1. Father’s album covers feature strippers and demonic genitalia, but not in an endearing Kool Keith kind of way.
  2. My mom might read this site some day (sorry mom, skip this post)
  3. Hyperbolic party music is hard to take literally or seriously, and
  4. It required too much caveating about misogyny to talk about anything.

So instead, I’ll leave you with a filthy track, and you know where to find the rest if that’s your thing. Despite every song being basically severely offensive, Father produces (always extra points) and raps on some incredibly catchy and innovative music with his unique drawl, and bottom line, I’ve listened to him for months so he deserves a mention.

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